We could see new Pokémon this week!


According to a leaked confidential employee memo from Starbucks, the coffee chain is teaming up with Pokémon GO for a special promotion. The memo reads, “The world of Pokémon GO is about to expand with new Pokémon and a new Starbucks beverage!” See for yourself below.


The memo tells stores to be ready to serve their new Pokémon GO Frappucino drink on December 8th. It indicates the update will be coming to the app on the same day. This update will make most Starbucks into PokéStops or gyms and introduce new Pokémon into the game.

The Pokémon to be added remain a mystery. Maybe we will see just a few new monsters that they somehow tie into the Starbucks theme. Or maybe it’s time for a whole new generation of Pokés?

Data miners at The Silph Road found files for Ditto and Generation 2 Pokémon in the game’s codes last month. And wouldn’t ya know a recent update actually introduced the elusive Ditto into the wild for us! Also, this mine included the daily bonuses the game received recently, so their intel seems to check out.

Gen 2 Pokémon from the Johto region range from #152 Chikorita to #251 Celebi. From the data mine, it seems they’ll include legendary powerhouses like Entei, Tyranitar, Suicune, Lugia, and Ho-Oh. However, Niantic could throw us a curve ball and make us wait for the legendaries.

Are you still playing Pokémon GO? Are you like me and plan to bust it out again when a new gen hits? Let me know in the comments!

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