Nintendo E3

Nintendo gave us a traditionally nontraditional E3 presentation today in the form of a 30-minute long livestream, but they managed to pack it with some rumor confirmations, vague reveals, and a few surprises.

Read on for a full rundown of Nintendo’s E3 features.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Coming in as E3’s first JRPG is Xenoblade Chronicles 2, a sequel to the original title on the Wii. Players will travel to the land of Elysium with a new group of heroes. Out Holiday 2017 for the Switch.

Kirby – Untitled

Nintendo revealed a surprise trailer for a ridiculously cute and colorful Kirby title for the Switch. Play with friends and master your unique weapons, powers, and abilities as you platform through tricky levels and fight unique enemies. The only release date given was the year 2018.

Core Pokémon RPG

Nintendo E3

Tsunekazu Ishihara of The Pokémon Company gave us some exciting news — GameFreak is working on a “core Pokémon RPG” for the Nintendo Switch. This confirms rumors that came from some telling job listings a while back. At this time it’s unclear if a “core” game means a mainline title or maybe something like Mystery Dungeon.

Ishihara didn’t promise any release date, but Nintendo fans are loving the confirmation nonetheless.

Metroid Prime 4

Another rumor confirmation came in the form of the Metroid Prime 4 reveal. Nintendo didn’t give us a trailer but a simple title card with the news the game is “in development for Nintendo Switch.” Sadly that’s literally all we know so far.

Yoshi – Untitled

Yoshi is a fan-favorite Nintendo character, and he’s getting his own game on the Switch. It resembles Yoshi’s Wooly World with the side-scrolling platform elements and colorful, kindergarten design to the worlds — but with paper mache and cardboard instead of wool.

The twist is Yoshi can flip onto the other side of the platform to strategically maneuver through the level with alternate routes and items. Like the Kirby game, this one if untitled and set for 2018.

Fire Emblem Warriors

The above trailer shows off an upcoming 3DS and Switch title Fire Emblem Warriors, a hack-and-slash action spin-off game. Instead of turn-based combat like in a normal Fire Emblem game, players will fight in real time with both swords and magic.

Lots of fan-favorite heroes will be making their way to game Fire Emblem Warriors, due out this fall.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC’s

We know details of this summer’s first DLC coming to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Eiji Aonuma revealed some vague — but exciting — information about the second DLC. Coming this holiday season is The Champion’s Ballad DLC. Little information was given outside of some portraits of the Hyrule Champions featured in Breath of the Wild flashbacks.

We also learned the first DLC, The Master Trials, goes live June 30th. Both DLC’s are part of the game’s $20 Expansion Pass.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

In case you missed the reveal at Ubisoft’s presentation, now you know this Mario / Rabbids crossover is for real, and it’s hitting the Switch August 29th. What’s surprising to everyone is it actually looks really cool.

Players will explore Mushroom Kingdom with classic series heroes, as well as their strange Rabbid counterparts. The tactical turn-based combat looks unique, complex, and fun as hell. I can’t wait to discover the zany weapons, abilities, characters, and items this title is promising.

Rocket League

The incredibly popular vehicular soccer game Rocket League is coming to the Switch this holiday season with some themed exclusives. The Switch version will feature all content from the current game, as well as the ability to utilize the Switch’s portable mode for local multiplayer. You’ll also be able to play online with owners of the game on other platforms.

The exclusive content includes Mario and Luigi hats for your cars, new vehicles, and more.

Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo wrapped up their E3 presentation with a new trailer for Super Mario Odyssey, a brand new type of Mario game releasing for the Switch October 27th.

You’ll explore different types of 3D sandbox worlds with Mario’s animated hat, which apparently allows the hero to possess whatever enemy, animal, vehicle, or human being it lands on. This will allow you to use dozens of different abilities to journey through the levels and find all sorts of hidden treasures.

E3 2017 continues with other press conferences and events, including Nintendo’s Treehouse Live stream which showcases gameplay of upcoming games.

Check back with A9K for the latest news coming out of the biggest gaming conference of the year!

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