PUBG Corp CEO Talks PlayStation Release

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG, has enjoyed incredible success this year since its release on Steam Early Access in March. PUBG has broken record after record, most recently reaching 3 million concurrent players on Steam. The battle royale game launched on Xbox One via the Game Preview Program earlier this month, giving console players access to the title for the first time. But what about PlayStation?

Bluehole and PUBG Corp have spoken vaguely about a PS4 release in the past, but details have been few and far between. According to PUBG Corp CEO Chang Han Kim, it will be some time before players see a PlayStation release due to the company’s strict requirements regarding game releases.

“As it’s going to be an exclusive title on Xbox One for some time, we’d like to focus on completing the Xbox One PUBG for now,” explained Kim. “If we have the opportunity, the final goal would be to launch the title on every platform.

Early Access on Steam and Game Preview on Xbox One are like pre-release, so they don’t have a restriction on quality. However, PS is very strict about this. There were cases where a game took 6 months more to launch even when it was already completed. We are still in the stage of learning the console development environment and console gamers’ taste. We need to think about other platforms after evaluating and completing the Xbox One version first.”

PlayStation does not have a pre-release program like Steam and Xbox, so the game will have to be fine tuned and ready for a full launch before PS4 players will be able to have a shot at winning a chicken dinner. Hopefully developers will have a successful time bringing PUBG to an official release on Xbox One and swiftly begin work on a PlayStation version. We’ll keep you updated on the latest.

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