Final Fantasy XV omen trailer

Holy wow, that’s a trailer.

Final Fantasy XV omen trailer

Final Fantasy XV has finally gone gold. Do you understand how big that is? This game has been in and out of development for almost a decade now. Seriously… It’s 2016 and we have a 16-bit Sonic game coming out next year, people are losing their minds over a Nintendo handheld, The Last Guardian is finally finished, and Final Fantasy XV has gone gold. What a time to be alive!

Seriously though, the FF XV delay was a tough pill for Square Enix to swallow. Imagine how embarrassing it must have been for director Hajime Tabata to reveal a September release date during a huge, showstopping livestream broadcast to the entire world, only to announce a delay later on. However, reports from recent previews have affirmed that the game looks and runs much better than it did early in September. The version we’ll be playing November 29 shows marked improvements in performance.

To get us pumped for the release, Square Enix has released a new trailer. Holy crap is it intense. At the climax of the trailer as the music reached its apex of intensity, I had waves of intensity washing over me. Like fight-or-flight-level cravings for adventure and action. Put on some good headphones or crank up your sound system; make this thing full-screen; try not to get overstimulated like I did.

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