When you’re waiting on that train to go to work or have that friend who’s always late, there are better ways to spend your time than scrolling through endless status updates and shared videos. In fact, if you get into any of these apps, you just might hope that you’ve got more time to wait. Let’s take a look.

First up is the classic word game Scrabble; only this isn’t quite the same as the game you played in your early years. Words with Friends is a word game inspired by Scrabble and it pretty much has all the same rules. However, unlike the original board game, you can play this game over a few days or even longer. It works like this: you find an opponent in the app, start a game, and then make your move. It’s a really good way to spend a few minutes while waiting for a bus and is the perfect workout for your brain.

Now how about spending some time while having fun and winning some cash? Well, if you’re any good at poker, then that’s precisely what you can do with the PokerStars app. With this incredibly popular strategy app, there’s no need to go to casinos; simply order some food and beers in for a poker night in your kitchen. As far as time-killers go, this app is top notch.

Fancy something to test your general knowledge? Well, the QuizUp app is exactly what you need. You can challenge your friends or play against random opponents and choose from over a hundred themes and topics. This should really get those brain juices flowing and is the perfect training app for those pub quiz aficionados out there.

Now we’ve all heard a lot of talk recently about how training your brain can help keep your mind in peak condition and can even fight the onset of dementia. And if you ask us, that’s as good enough a reason as any to open up the Peak app on your phone. Developed by neuroscientists, this app has 30 very quick games to keep your mind sharp. It also gives you in-depth analysis of your progress which while useful, can also be a bit scary.

If you have heard of 100 Balls, then that’s because there are many versions of this simple game on Android. The idea is to pass 100 balls through revolving cups without losing any. It’s ridiculously simple but incredibly addictive so be warned, the bus or train might come and go while you’re in the midst of this game.

We know that everyone here at A 90s Kid loves their retro games and they don’t come much more retro than Timber Man. It’s a simple game with 8-bit graphics that is infuriatingly captivating. Basically, the premise is that you have to chop down a tree and switch to either side of the trunk to avoid any falling branches. Like 100 Balls, it’s so simple, you end up getting completely lost in it continuously going for “one more level”.

The last app on our list is the rather aptly named Toilet Time. Yes, that’s right, there are toilet-themed games that you can complete in the time it takes for you to do your business. The games range from silly to kind of disgusting, but we’ll let you download it yourself and decide if it’s up your alley.

So, the next time you find yourself waiting on a train or cursing your forever tardy best friend, don’t get yourself all flustered. Take out your phone, close the social media apps, and lose yourself in a game. Not only will time pass faster but you’re doing your brain a favor and keeping it in tip-top condition. You can thank us later.

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