You’re sure to have some fun with these new maneuvers in WWE 2K17!

2K Sports have released the promised New Moves Pack for WWE 2K17 just in time for the holiday season. The DLC can be purchased for a low $3.99 USD. Season pass holders will get the 50 new wrestling moves for free.

This is the full list (It’s long).

  • Ankle Lock 2
  • Straight Jacket Backstabber
  • Electric Chair Half Nelson Driver
  • Fireman’s Carry Side Slam
  • B.F.T.
  • Fallaway Moonsault Slam
  • Wrist Clutch Lever Pull
  • Vertical Leap Senton Bomb
  • Machine Gun Knife Edge Chops
  • Electric Chair Driver
  • Rope Step Tope Con Hilo
  • Sit-Out Chickenwing Facebuster
  • Gory Special Flatliner
  • Sit-Out Full Nelson Facebuster
  • Euro Uppercut Combo
  • Arm Wringer Pele Kick
  • Diced Bread
  • Full Nelson Reverse STO
  • Middle Rope Neckbreaker*
  • Snapmare & Single Leg Dropkick
  • Slingshot Spear
  • Rope Hung Flatliner
  • Bridging Fujiwara Armbar
  • Jumping Knee Strike 7
  • Gourdbuster G.T.S.
  • Arm Trapped Crossface 2
  • Fujiwara Armbar 3
  • Superkick/Knee Smash Combo
  • Fist Drop/Shooting Star Combo
  • Wishbone
  • Thunder Valley
  • Brainbuster/Roundhouse Kick
  • Diving Codebreaker
  • Deadlift Falcon Arrow
  • Back Suplex Facebuster 2
  • Air Raid Crash Neckbreaker
  • Springboard Cutter
  • Pop-Up Cutter
  • TJP 1, TJP 2, TJP 3*
  • Headstand Headscissor
  • TJP Clutch
  • Two Amigos
  • Pop-Up Up Kick
  • Diving Elbro Drop
  • Face Wash Combo
  • Swing Out Neckbreaker
  • Fireball Punch
  • Eight Second Ride
  • Ankle Lock 3
  • Slingshot Complete Shot

Here’s a few examples that’ll get you excited to try out the new moves.

Sliced Bread

Finishing move for Brian Kendrick a few years back.

Slingshot Spear

Johnny Gargano performs the Slingshot Spear.

Swinging Neckbreaker

Charlotte stunning her opponent with the Swinging Neckbreaker.

The Season Pass could be a better option if you want the other DLC packs. It gives you a 15% saving compared to buying each DLC separately. Unfortunately if you’re playing the game on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 36o the pack will not be available.

Have fun!


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