Phil Spencer gives us some insight on what’s in store for Xbox One

Being asked questions on Twitter is nothing new for the Xbox boss Phil Spencer but yesterday he gave a surprising and interesting response. The question was about if there would be a new IP coming to the console.

Specifically, it asked about the potential release of a new IP within the next two years. Phil Spencer answered the question directly and stated that Xbox One games would be very different over the next year. He also said that there will be no Halo FPS or Gears of War game. It suggests that there will be no Halo 6 or any major Gears of War 4 DLC any time soon.

The lack of a Halo game is most likely due to the upcoming Halo Wars 2 strategy game which is set in the same Halo universe. The highly anticipated strategy game will be released at the end of next month for Xbox One and PC.

Xbox One Cuphead

Instead, Spencer stated that there will be “new experiences with different IP”. This doesn’t confirm that a new and previously unseen IP is coming but it does support the current Xbox One lineup. The console already has several new IPs up for release such as Cuphead and Sea of Thieves. Some major sequels such as Crackdown 3 are also due for release some time this year.

While there are some highly anticipated games coming, most of them don’t have release dates yet. The start of this year seems very mixed for the Xbox One platform.

Xbox One owners will need to keep an eye out for news about what this year will have in store for the console. According to the Xbox boss, this will be a “fun year” for the platform. More news about upcoming games should be released over the next few months. We’ll keep you posted.