Guillermo del Toro, has been as critical of Konami as he is critically acclaimed for directing/writing the modern classic Pan’s Labyrynth.

Toro tweeted a nice holiday message with the usual greetings, and added his usual message to Konami. Sounds like the cancelled Silent Hill game could have been better than we ever imagined considering this long-standing grudge.


Del Toro proves that celebrities have the same auto-correct issues us normal folk have as he added a comment that corrected “right” to “ring”, while also using his quick edit to reiterate his feelings towards Konami.

For those of you wondering why Toro is so pissed, here’s a full gameplay walkthrough (no commentary) of the Kojima/Toro/Reedus collaboration that was cancelled by Konami. The exciting project wowed the lucky few that downloaded it before Konami unceremoniously yanked it from the Playstation Store.


Del Toro recently appeared as a character in Kojima’s latest Death Stranding trailer, functioning as a pre-rendered F-U to Konami. His character’s slow reveal echoed Reedus’ character appearance in the first Death Stranding trailer, as well as the end of the P.T. demo.

“Fuck Konami” has been often-used on the internet since the messy breakup, but del Toro is easily the biggest name to adopt it, and it’s quickly becoming his catchphrase.

Back in Dec 2, 2016, he has a much more direct string of tweets


Of course, Norman Reedus was the first high-profile Kojima defender to fire shots at the Pachinko-developer


Hopefully the biggest F-U to Konami comes from an excellent game when Death Stranding finally launches a few (or more) years from now. We know it will sell well based on the incredible hype machine and fans frothing for a new Kojima project, but a critical success would be the ultimate cherry on top.

Do you still care about Death Stranding or have you turned off that part of your brain until we have an actual release date?


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