Sceelix could be what Game Developers were looking for.

Procedural Engine Sceelix is now available through Steam as an Early Access version for $75 USD. I checked Steam myself, and I discovered that there was a further 10% off. Sceelix participated in Unity’s 11th Hackweek last May and are preparing to be featured in the upcoming indie game Hyper Gods, from game studio Ground Control Studios coming out later this month.

For game developers who are looking to save time Sceelix allows you to create parameterizable 3D scenes and game objects quicker, and easier. You can create terrains, vegetation, roads, cities, rooms and more using the powerful procedural generation engine. The engine was showcased at Hackweek where they co-developed a VR contraption game using real-time procedural pieces.

The engine uses a node-based editor that can handle simple to more advanced tasks using the one node-based system. All this can be integrated with game engines such as Unity on the fly! At the moment Sceelix is available as a Early Access Version for a single payment. “We chose the Early Access path because user feedback and validation is critical in order to determine the best way forward” Said co-founder of Sceelix, Francisco RA. He also mentioned “This is also a great opportunity to get Sceelix at a lower price since we expect to change revenue strategy with version 1.0 to a subscription-based model” Version 1.0 is planned to be released around the end of the year. For a much better description of its capabilities you can watch the Sceelix showcase below.

Is this a God send for Game Devs? Let us know in the comments.