Gamers will be expecting plenty of fun announcements and reveals at tonight’s Video Game Awards (5:30 Pacific) and this weekend’s PSX (Dec 3rd, 10AM Pacific). One of the latest leaks from NeoGaffer Shinobi suggests Hideo Kojima has a special announcement regarding his upcoming game Death Stranding.

Responding to fellow Gaffers, Shinobi suggested Kojima will reveal which engine is powering his upcoming game. He also specified it would be a Sony engine, but not the one used in Infamous, developed by Sucker Punch.

Konami infamously forbade Kojima from appearing at last year’s VGA to receive an award for his work on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Geoff Keighley announced this at the show to a round of boos. This of course led to Kojima’s rockstar “I’m Back!” moment at Sony’s E3 2016 Conference that still brings the glimmer of a tear to my cold, cynical eye.

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2016’s VGA will be much more Kojima-friendly as he’ll be on hand to receive his Industry Icon Award. He’s also set to appear at PSX for a developer panel concerning Death Stranding. Fans will have a chance to get the (now official) Industry Icon’s autograph after the event.






Other potential games to be shown at PSX could be Insomniac’s Spiderman game, which we only saw a teaser of at E3. A release date for Final Fantasy` VII Remake would be much appreciated by the millions curious as to what the hell it’s going to end up being. New Horizon Zero Dawn gameplay would make sense as it creeps closer to launch. From Software would be a very nice surprise if they unveil anything from their three un-named projects.

PSVS has sold much less than Sony expected so perhaps we’ll see another campaign to drum up sales, maybe even a price cut or new bundle.

All of this and free Titanfall 2 multiplayer across all platforms this weekend! Gamers are in for an entertaining next few days.

What are you hoping to see revealed?


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