The sandbox evolution game Birthdays the Beginning released earlier this week in North America and hits European regions tomorrow, May 12th. The game has been out in Japan since March, but regardless of your region, you’ll want to download this new patch ASAP.

Patch version 1.01 adds some much needed improvements to fun but clunky Birthdays the Beginning. You can check out our in-depth review of the game here.

The upgraded horizontal movement in View Mode is much appreciated, as the controls were almost impossible to use smoothly before. It’s also nice to be able to turn off the UI to get those nice cinematic screenshots and videos.

The new “non-captured organism marker” upgrade changed the pink marker to a blinking pink marker to make them easier to spot on the mini-map amongst all the other colored dots. Now finding those newly evolved critters will be a bit easier to find.

Prior to this patch, Free Play mode was only unlocked after beating all four Episodes of the main storyline, about 30- 40 hours of playtime. Free Play mode allows players a choice in world size without missions or objectives. Players can also transfer data from another save file into Free Play, so they can continue their world with the same level, items, and landforms without sticking to the storyline.

Here are the full patch notes from Arc System Works:

  • Implemented horizontal movement in View Mode
  • Implemented feature to switch between UI display and non-display in View Mode
  • Implemented mini-map zooming feature
  • Fixed mini-map switching
  • Implemented non-captured organisms marker
  • Free Play mode is now unlocked after clearing Episode 1
  • Changed carryover content in Free Play mode (player information and terrain)
  • HP does not decrease after capturing all organisms
  • Added reference to game information
  • Changed acquisition conditions for the trophy, “Too Much Time on Your Hands”
  • Save data title displayed in full detail
  • etc.

Birthdays the Beginning is out now in Japan and NA and launches May 12th in EU.