Splatoon 2

Nintendo has just released the patch notes for the latest update to their third-person shooter game Splatoon 2. Version 1.3.0 features a large number of changes to fix various components in the online modes of the game. However, the most notable changes seems to be to Salmon Run and the overpowered Tri-Slosher weapon.

Salmon Run changes

  • Changes made to the Sting Ray and Splashdown specials for multiplayer also apply to their use in Salmon Run.
  • Bombs thrown by the Steelhead will no longer land on top of Flyfish or Scrappers.
  • Fixed an issue causing no damage to be dealt to Steel Eels hit with a Sting Ray if the Sting Ray’s shot inked any portion of the Steel Eel other than the pilot even slightly.
  • Fixed an issue preventing damage from being dealt to a Griller hit with a Sting Ray attempting to hit its weak point by shooting through it. Sting Rays that only hit the main body of a Griller will now also deal some damage.
  • Fixed an issue causing Steelheads that appeared in specific locations of the Lost Outpost stage not to attack.
  • Fixed an issue where two players attempting to pick up a single Golden Egg just prior to the end of a wave caused one of them to be unable to pick up any Golden Eggs during the following wave.
  • Fixed an issue where after playing Salmon Run online, players from your session who appeared in Inkopolis Square were always equipped with the Splattershot Jr.
  • Fixed an issue where players who disconnected just prior to starting a round of play would appear to be holding a Rainmaker-like weapon.
  • Fixed an issue causing the location of the arrow indicating the player’s character as well as their title to be incorrect on the result screen when other players disconnected just prior to the end of a round of play.
  • Fixed an issue causing players using Roller-type weapons to get a communications error after holding the inking button for an extended period.

Most of the changes to Salmon Run are fixes to various issues that have appeared including the bug that caused certain enemies to take no damage from the Sting Ray weapon.

Weapon change


  • Changed maximum damage from 62.0 to 52.0.
  • Decreased firing range by roughly 9%.

This change should significantly impact how the weapon is used and may even reduce the number of players that use it. We’ll have to wait and see what the effect is.

To read the full patch notes on the latest big update for Splatoon 2 you’ll need to check out the official Nintendo website here. Remember this is the 1.3.0 update as the website does also list the previous updates made to Splatoon 2.