Developer Dontnod Entertainment has announced that their upcoming action game Vampyr has been delayed.

The game was originally due for release this November but it’ll be releasing in Spring 2018 instead. According to Gamespot, the reason for this was explained in a press release. The studio stated that a “technical issue” is the cause of this delay.

Oskar Guilbert, the chief executive of the studio, states that the team was convinced they’d make the November release date several weeks ago. However, a sudden technical issue set the team back and as a result, Vampyr has been delayed into 2018. The technical issue in question has not been released but the studio confirms that they’re dealing with the issue.

The team is taking the delay as a positive thing, however. It’s giving the team a chance to polish the game further and continue to balance the game. Two things that are vital in a semi-open world game of this style with a complex narrative and deep RPG mechanics.

For those who don’t know, Vampyr tells the story of Dr. Jonathan Reid, a famous surgeon. He’s returned home from the Great War however, the doctor has been cursed with vampirism. As a result, he is struggling with his humanity as he’s forced to decide who to prey upon. In addition to this, he can also create more vampires from the local population.

The game is more than just a “choose who to eat” simulator. There’s plenty of action as Jonathan must battle enemy vampires who stalk the streets of London. In addition to this, there’s also a secret society of vampire slayers looking to kill any blood-sucker they come close to.

Vampyr currently doesn’t have a release date but the game will be releasing sometime in the Spring next year. We will update you when we learn more.