It’s been 10 years since the release of acclaimed interdimensional puzzle-platformer Portal and seven years since the launch of its sequel, Portal 2. Now, Valve is partnering with Headup Games and Clockstone Software to send us back to Aperture Laboratories later this month with a… bridge building simulator? Because why not?

Bridge Constructor: Portal is due to release in just two weeks on December 20th. It tasks players with solving puzzles to cross gaping chasms by constructing bridges stable enough for a truck to drive over. Unlike Clockstone Software’s Bridge Constructor, where you must rely only on realistic materials like steel and wood to get to the other side, the upcoming title will allow for the use of portal technology, which I’m sure will lead to all sorts of fascinating and silly creations.

“For the last year we’ve been secretly working in our underground labs on the next iteration of the million-selling Bridge Constructor series,” reads a statement from Headup Games. “This new stand-alone title will release on PC, MacOS, Linux, mobile devices, and console, and fully embraces the Portal license, one of the most beloved video game franchises of the last decade.”

This isn’t exactly the expected next installment in the franchise, but I suspect it will be a good time nonetheless. The last title in the Portal universe was last year’s The Lab, a collection of VR minigames developed to show off the capabilities of the HTC Vive.

Bridge Constructor: Portal will release on PC, Mac, Linux, and mobile on December 20th. It will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch early next year.

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