First Ariana Grande, now this. Although I’d have to believe there’s quite a bit more crossover support for Crews. In fact, it almost seems a bit silly that Square Enix is (assumedly) paying big bucks for Grande while Crews has taken to campaign for a role (in a game with no campaign).

Crews recently tweeted a call for support in regards to his potential voicing of Doomfist in Overwatch.

Who is Doomfist you ask?

Doomfist appears in Overwatch on a few posters and exists in the lore as multiple reincarnations, with the final instance (Successor) hinted as a playable Hero.

Doomfist Poster Overwatch

Blizzard devs have discussed Doomfist becoming a playable character, and that he would be aware of the previous versions.

Each Doomfist carries these powerful gauntlets.


A November Reddit thread mentioned the idea of Crews playing the big guy, to which the actor replied “LOVE TO PLAY DOOMFIST”. A Reddit-using celeb will always win points in my book.

Crews also visited Blizzard at the end of 2016, to throw more gas on the fire.

Terry Crews Overwatch


If Crews didn’t seem legit enough, check out this video detailing his new PC build, as he becomes a part of “the PC master race!”

It’s actually pretty adorable as he reveals that he games to bond with his son.


In the video he mentions how much fun he had at EA’s E3 Battlefield 1 celeb/gamer showdown (the vid isn’t sponsored by EA or the numerous parts he gushes over).

Remember that crazy-ass E3 show?

Here are some Crews highlights put together by YouTuber Mr Finrecon.


He then went all the way to the darkside in this buzzfeedvideo (I know), debating the merits of PC over Console. Crews smashing a controller to the ground is PC porn.


There you have it. Terry Crews: NFL linebacker, Actor, Gamer, and potential Doomfist. The man is passionate, talented, and has already won over a good many gamers.

Couldn’t think of a better fit.