Devolver Digital has added a new in-game speedrun setting to their adventure game Minit. Along with the new setting, Devolver Digital is challenging the speedrun community to beat the current world record to win a ‘Minit Speedrun World Champion’ t-shirt. The game has also received a 25% discount on Steam, GOG, PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch.

The current world record holder according to is Voxelse’s crazy fast Any% / Normal run at 06:56.83. If that sounds way out of the question, you can attempt the 110% / Fewest Runs world record at 34 runs.

Along with the World Champion shirt, the crowned champ will also receive a Minit plush and a Devolver Digital game pack. The competition will run from October 4 through to November 5. You can find all the details and rules of the competition here. Good luck!


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