Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Blood Orchid announced

Ubisoft has just announced the next chapter in their FPS game, Rainbow Six Siege. This will be the start of Season 3 of Year of the game.

Season 2 was originally going to bring two new Polish operators into the game. However, these plans were put on hold for Operation Health. This Season 2 was an effort to fix and upgrade the game so it would provide a better gameplay experience in the longterm. Despite this, Ubisoft confirmed that the two Polish operators will still be coming to the game.

Blood Orchid is a Hong Kong themed season. It features two operators from Hong Kong and one from Poland. As expected, it will also come with a new map. The second Poland operator will be releasing in Season 4.

Ubisoft has not released any specific details about this operation right now. We expect that news will come shortly after the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League finals which take place at Gamescom. Once we learn more, we will update you on the new season.

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