Niantic Labs has confirmed what dataminers revealed earlier this week — the third generation of Pokémon and other fun additions are coming to Pokémon GO with the game’s Halloween event.

The Pokémon GO Halloween event was announced with the above special trailer today, giving us a first look at the spooky gen 3 Pokémon being introduced soon. The event begins tomorrow, October 20th, and runs through November 2nd.

New Pokémon coming with the Halloween event are from the Hoenn region, first introduced in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. Pokémon Go announced that Sableye, Shuppet, Banette, Duskull, and Dusclops would all spawn during the Halloween event. The other 130 creatures from gen 3 will make their way to the game starting in December.

The Halloween event will bring increased spawn rates of Dark- and Ghost-type Pokémon, though an exact list was not given. We’ll likely see greater numbers of Pokémon like Gastly, Haunter, Gengar, Zubat, Golbat, Crobat, Houndour, Houndoom, Misdreaveus, Shuppet, Banette, Sableye, Duskull, and Dusclops through November 2nd. Niantic is also adding a special Witch Hat Pikachu for the event, so we may see increased spawn rates of them as well.

Another benefit of the event: Candy rewards from catching, hatching, and transferring Pokémon will be doubled, and your Buddy Pokémon will find Candy twice as fast during the Halloween celebration. You’ll also have the opportunity to stock up on special boxes from the in-game shop, featuring items like Raid Passes and Super Incubators. Lastly, Pokémon GO is letting Trainers dress up for the holiday by giving out Mimikyu Disguise Hats, based on Mimikyu from Pokémon Sun and Moon.

The Pokémon GO Halloween event kicks off tomorrow, October 10th. Happy hunting!

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