If you don’t want your Pokemon Sun and Moon experience spoiled, than you’d better say goodbye to the internet until Nov. 18th, or at least be extremely careful. However, if you like your Pokemon spoiled rotten, than Christmas just came early.

For those that will choose either Sun or Moon based on exclusive pokémon, these new leaks can make that choice much easier. Check out this Reddit post from VanitaLite for the comprehensive version-exclusive list. Interestingly, the previously leaked list incorrectly had the games swapped, causing some gamers to pre-order the wrong title…A lesson to be learned?

Kotaku has reported that the new leaks are a result of an anonymous 4chan user that successfully pirated the full game. More copies are allegedly being distributed, so expect to see even more info in the coming weeks.

Youtuber Kaphotics has posted a new video spoiling the heck out of the starters. He breaks down every relevant stat and gives his review/prediction of how each Pokemon could be used.

A selection of the top comments

Autistic Torchic 1 day ago

Seeing the stats for Decidueye hurts..I’m still gonna use him.
Hurts like fuck man. Trollfreak has ruined yet another starter :[
Slow mixed attacker? All my hopes and dreams, ruined.

Jose Daniel 19 hours ago

a fucking ghosts owl that doesn’t learn shadow sneak. WHAT THE FUCK
If you’d like to dive beyond the pokemon and into the ‘story’ you can have a gander at this imgur post from Anon leaker. Scroll down to the bottom for story beats.
Game Freak hasn’t released an official statement about the leaks but I did find this on twitter.
Has Game Freak decided to join the leakers and reveal the final Pokemon is a Killer Whale? Are the answers hidden at Sea World?

What do you think? Is Pokemon hurt or helped by spoilers?

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