Fans of the dark series could be playing a new Metro next year. We know because the official site for the book series added this to their official timeline.


It all adds up to something” doesn’t exactly inspire me with confidence that there’s a burning story needing to be told. In fact, it sounds like they’re not quite sure what it will be, but at least it’ll be “something”. I’ll just leave it up to Dmitry Glukhovsky to figure out (he never returns my emails anyway). “Great Discoveries” sure sounds great though!

Since the new game will take place after the third book, we can look for clues in its description that promises to take readers “back to Artyom and his struggle to get the people back to the above world they once ruled. This is a standalone story that can be read independently from the previous books and games – yet for those who have been following Artyom from the very beginning, Metro 2035 crowns the saga in its own way. Characters of all the books and games meet here, their destinies intertwine, and everything you knew about the world of Metro is turned upside down..”

Could this mean a new gravity mechanic that has players walking upside down through Metro?


The original Metro game was developed by 4A games (better than AAA damnit) and published by THQ (Cars Raceorama), It was based on Glukhovsky’s novel of the same name and did pretty well. It currently has an 81 on metacritic, even if 1UP didn’t think too highly of it.

1UP – 58
Metro 2033’s A.I. is terribly stupid and there’s not enough variety in the weapons; yet despite all that it’s still a compelling game to play.

But metacritic user PabloN had a few choice words for 1UP

Easily one of the best games of the year. HORRIBLY under-rated! A 58 from 1UP? Because of some minor issues….. This game is the most atmospheric and immersive shooter I have ever played. Maybe the most atmospheric game, period. This is like another Bioshock or actually more like Half-Life 2 to me, I could see myself playing through this game multiple times.

I wonder if he ever did.

Do you see yourself playing through the new Metro multiple times?

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