ZeniMax Online Studios has announced a new DLC for Elder Scrolls Online. Clockwork City, which is also coming with a free PvP mode, and will be arriving later this year.

Clockwork City

Clockwork City was first announced in June by the developers however, ZeniMax has now provided more information on the DLC. It’s a Daedric conspiracy standalone story which is around the same size as the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild DLC storylines. So it should be a good length for ESO players to sink their teeth into.

The expansion is set in Clockwork City which was also featured in the recent Morrowind expansion. There are two World Bosses, two mini-dungeons and a brand new trial. The Trial has 12 players battle three mechanical bosses which and is supposed to be shorter than other Trials. Despite this, it will still reward players with high-quality rewards.

PvP mode

Crazy King is the upcoming new Battlegrounds mode. Players will be split into teams and must capture then hold a point that moves across the map.

We don’t know very much about this mode currently but ZeniMax promises that more information will be coming later this year. They currently expect to release Crazy King in Update 16 which will include bug fixes, performance changes, Xbox One X support and balance tweaks. There is currently no release date for the update but the developer should announce this soon.

ZeniMax confirms that players will only need the base game to access this new content, so players without the Morrowind expansion can enjoy it also. The DLC pack will be available for free for all ES Plus subscription members. For everyone else, it can be purchased from the Crown Store. There are currently no details on the pricing in the Crown Store for this new DLC.

You can read the full preview from the developer here.