Agents of Mayhem

The developer behind the Saint’s Row series has released a new trailer for their upcoming game, Agents of Mayhem. The new trailer also confirms the release date for the game.

Agents of Mayhem will be released this August for both Europe and America. Publisher Deep Silver has confirmed that the game will be released on August 15th for the US and the 18th for Europe.

This game allows players to take control of a group of agents which all have unique skills. Players will control three agents at once however the developers haven’t confirmed how customizable these agents will be. According to the trailer, these agents are not ‘good’ as it labels the game as being “Bad vs Evil”.

The new trailer for the game has an A-Team vibe and also uses the classic music from the TV show. The trailer is rather unserious and shows a variety of abilities in action however, it doesn’t show what matches in Agents of Mayhem will be like.

It reveals that the game is set in an alternate future where an evil villain is threatening the world. According to the narrator, the only hope for governments and global corporations are “a group of corporately funded super agents called the Agents of Mayhem”. The trailer shows a handful of characters in the game however it doesn’t go into detail about who each character is and what they’re capable of.

Agents of Mayhem will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC later this year. The game will be released in August on the 15th for the US and 18th for Europe. The developer has stated that a Nintendo Switch version is not in the works. According to GameSpot, Volition has “no plans to release on Switch” as the team is not currently working on this.