NeoGAF user Kikorin spotted this interesting Italian PSVR ad. At first glance it appears the PSVR helmet is covered in cobwebs, not exactly an exciting way to view Sony’s cutting edge (with PS3 Move controllers) technology.

The Italian writing translates to “Wear PS VR and start your adventure”. Just be sure to dust it and watch for spiders before putting it on your head.

Of course, there’s more to the first picture then first appears. A second social media grab displays the famous icon used to promote PS VR in Italy.

I suppose Spider-Man makes cobwebs much more exciting. A Homecoming Virtual Reality Experience sounds quite thrilling actually, and also a great test to see if VR will make you throw up.

Here’s a quick trailer of the VR Experience itself, introduced by Spidey Boy himself, Tom Holland.

Reviews haven’t been great, mostly citing the very short length of less than 10 minutes. BUT it’s free, so how can you complain?

As the VR age takes its first commercial steps, these ‘Experiences’ could be a fantastic way for companies to market their product. I’m sure creating a full-blown television ad for a movie on the calibre of Spider-Man Homecoming would be similar in cost to creating a VR experience such as this.

Releasing a fun diversion to VR owners hungry for more titles could be a great niche. Of course, huge movie studios aren’t interested in ‘niche’ when trying to recoup a $400 million dollar budget, but Sony obviously thought it was worth the effort this time, and VR will only become more mainstream. Heck, every drug store sells cheap starter headsets that can run VR-videos on the quad-core smartphones nearly everyone has in their pocket.

I’ve enjoyed my cheapie set for the odd VR experience and am currently staring hard at a few PS VR bundles in my neck of the woods. I even bought a PS Camera the day after they first announced PS VR would require one.

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