Gearbox Software announces a new 1v1 shooter-card game hybrid

Gearbox Software has announced that they’re working on a brand new project. A competitive first person shooter combined with a collectible card game.

There will be three modes playable in the upcoming technical test: Ranked, Challenge and Arena. We don’t know very much about the game except that the ranked mode will let players earn crates to get new cards.

The project is being called “Project 1v1” for now and will get an official unveiling at some point in the future. Anyone interested in testing this upcoming game can sign up via the Shift website here.

According to the Shift pages, the game combines “depth and skill,” to create a fast-paced and strategic 1v1 deathmatch game.

Emails for the first technical test should start going out soon. However, the developer hasn’t stated exactly when this will be happening.

We will update you on the situation about Project 1v1 once we learn more.

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