This Could Be Dangerous, EB Games and Afterpay Team Up

EB Games Australia announced this morning on social media that they are now offering Afterpay. Afterpay is a financial service that allows you to make purchases using four separate fortnightly payments with no added interest!

The payment option is live now and can be used on orders of up to $1,200 but excludes pre-orders, DLC, digital currency and season passes, and mobile phones and tablets. If you’re already in-store and want to make a purchase using Afterpay you can do so by using the Click and Collect option during checkout.

Afterpay can be a useful option if you prefer paying off your favourite games and consoles over time but – there’s always a but – purchases can quickly add up and if you fail to make a payment the late fees can be costly. Please read through Afterpay’s guidelines and familiarise yourself with how they work before spending too much!

The full list of details can be found on EB Games’ website here.


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