Massive Entertainment, the developer of The Division, has just released a State of the Game which focuses on Update 1.7. It also reveals a few things that will be coming to future updates of the game.

However, the State of the Game is not the patch notes for the upcoming update. These will be arriving on August 14th next week so stay tuned for those then. In addition to this, Update 1.7 will be releasing on the 15th.

Global Event: Outbreak

It was previously announced that these events would be coming to the game with this update. The Global Events will introduce new elements to the game called “Modifiers” which adjust the gameplay slightly to make things more interesting. We don’t currently have all the details on this but we do know that include “toxic NPCs” and the “headshot” multipliers.

The event will begin on the 15th and will be ending on the 22nd of this month.


Character Customization Station

Players will now be able to customize their characters in the Terminal. However, there are restrictions in place so gamers will only have the same options they had when they first created their characters. Which is still much better than nothing.


Other Changes

The Ballistic Shield has received a PVP modification, players now deal 20% more damage to shields than before. In addition to this nerf, the Stable Weapon Talent has been changed by 10%. This means it’s still possible to get it on sub-30 weapons but not on endgame weapons.


In addition to these changes, the Global Event Caches have also been unveiled ahead of the event. Here are the drop rates:

  • 2 Guaranteed Drops in each cache plus one possible bonus item
  • 45% chance that it is a Classified item
  • 43.5% chance that it is a normal Gear Set item
  • 11.5% chance that it is an Exotic item

The developers are also looking into the lag issue currently and should have more news on this soon.


The full State of the Game summary can be found here.