The infamous Swery65 (Deadly Premonition’s Hidetaka Seuhiro) will announce his first game in years at PAX Seattle.

Seuhiro is known for creating divisive games and returned to the spotlight momentarily with a new studio White Owls, after an extended break that many speculatedas retirement from the gaming industry.

You can catch Seuhiro’s announcement on Saturday, Sept 4th, of PAX Seattle’s 4 days of coverage. He’ll reveal the new title on a panel with Jason Howley (Mega64).

Swery65 made the announcement in a strange format very fitting for his body of work.

“Coffee Time with Swery65

How I design games, what I get inspiration from, why I became a monk…

And at the end, I’ll announce my first new game in 3 years, the first since D$: Dark Dreams Don’t Die!

I will have a cup of coffee at the talk, so please bring your cup of coffee as well. When you first come up to ask me a question, I’ll ask you about what kinf of coffee you like. I don’t care who you are, if you don’t love coffee like I love cofee, I’ll ask you to leave. (Pending policy approval from PAX management).”

The panel takes place 4:30-5:30 PM Pacific Standard Time. More info can be found on their site here.


D4 released for Xbox One sept. 2014 and currently sits at a 76 critical metascore, and a 7.2 user rating. It was described as a “…an episodic murder mystery for the Xbox One where you must use your ability to go back in time to solve the mystery of your wife’s murder.”

Here a few review excerpts from the first episode.

Destructiod 90

“D4 has me intrigued, mostly because I felt a genuine attachment to the characters. I want to see this journey through to the end, and the classic Swery wackiness kept me interested throughout the relatively familiar adventure genre gameplay.”

USgamer 80

“Once again, SWERY injects a detective story with his patented brand of weirdness, though this time he’s finally free of the technical limitations that hampered his past work. D4 isn’t a flawless experience, but, as with Deadly Premonition, it offers a world and set of characters you won’t want to leave behind.”

Polygon 70

“I love a game that can surprise me, show me something I’ve never seen, so the chance to experience something completely otherworldly in a game is really difficult to pass up. If you feel the same way, maybe you’ll be willing to push through some of the cruft to get to the delightfully weird bits of Swery65’s latest.”

And of course I’ll include the best User reviews, because they’re the most entertaining.

IsaacWeed 10

This game its awesome, wheter you play it with kinect or gamepad this is a must buy, had a great time playing this game, highly recommended to those looking for a weird, styled game, that’s just awesome and fun to play.”

rodericinehart 7

“Imagine if Heavy Rain and Telltale games made love while on a bunch of acid. This is that game is their baby.

It has a unique art style very much in the vein of a graphic novel. It has many of the same interaction types as Heavy Rain and a super trippy and weird story. It is unique and has so much **** crazy stuff happening I don’t know where to start.”

Jcarl663 0

“It’s basically, “teehee look how weird and quirky I am” the game. Nothing really means anything or has anything to do with anything, just a series of stupid events that combine to form absolutely nothing. Not very good.”

If you’ve played D4 or Deadly Premonition, please feel free to add your review in the comments below.