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Clone Drone in the Danger Zone developed by Doborog Games has been Greenlit by the Steam Community. An impressive feat considering the vote went live on February 3rd. Doborog games is consisted of a one-man team, former EA Engineer Erik Rydeman. Erik kicked off his career in the games industry with his work at Playfish (EA). Working on titles that included Pet Society, Plants vs Zombies Adventures and Plants vs Zombies 2.

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone Double Kill

The developer’s first release, Clone Drone in the Danger Zone looks insanely fun! It’s a 3rd person action arena game involving mind-controlled robots. The aim is to slice down the enemy and survive. The physics of the game allows you to destroy particular parts of the opposing robot. This all happens very fast. There’s also a combat system that emphasises movement, timing and positioning. To add to the entertainment, an impressive commentary system by Commentatron and Analysis-Bot voice their opinion on your performance.

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone Commentary

The reception for the Alpha has been extremely positive scoring 4.8 on You can see Rydeman wanted players to particularly enjoy the sword fighting action, which they certainly have. Included in the final release will be the full story mode, an endless mode of 85 levels and 5 tiers of difficulty, a Twitch mode, plus upgrades for your robot.

You can still check out the details of the game and purchase the Alpha here.

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