As summer fades away, the undead franchise of Call of Duty will soon rise anew. This year, Sledgehammer takes a swing at revitalizing the classic World War II formula, with the consistently named Call of Duty: WWII. After a few years flirting with more advanced forms of warfare and infinite galaxies, fans seem happy to get their boots back on the ground in the mud of pre-Beatles Earth.

The Zombie mode has been a popular addition ever since its debut in Treyarch’s World at War, appearing in subsequent Treyarch games and even crossing over to Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare. WWII is no exception and the latest images of 2017’s COD zombies have been released in all their ‘gory’.

Video games sure look good nowadays. Of course these are most likely pre-renders, but they still look nice. I especially like the design of the steampunker above. The bolts through the helmet, implanted mechanical eyes, and sewn/stapled respirator are incredibly creepy and evocative. It reminds me of the disturbing body experimentation in Wolfenstein.

The images were shared by Glen Schofield, GM and co-founder of Sledgehammer games. He shared the top two with the caption “How about some zombies?”, and mr.helmet came with the tweet “Since you all have been so positive, here’s one more. Gonna get fired for this..”

Campaign details

Schofield even responded to a tweet asking for campaign details.

@ConorGamingzHD asked:

“I’m looking forward to the campaign! Will it be the same length as the Advanced Warfare campaign?”

To which Schofield replied:

“Yeah, probably, if not a little longer. Depends how you play of course. Veteran is pretty damn hard.”

A ‘Yeah, probably’ isn’t the clearest indication, but any word from the head honcho is note-worthy.

That’s all we know for now. We’ll keep you posted on any updates.


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