Blizzcon is happening this weekend and we’ve got the recap right here.

Sombra – New Overwatch Hero


Blizzard finally announced the newest addition to the Hero family, and she appears to be worth the wait. She’ll be able to nullify enemy hero abilities and has sneaky cloak and teleport options for mobility.

Machine Pistol

Short range and fully automatic. Will have to use her teleport and cloak to get in close.


Hack enemies to silence their abilities for a short time, and even hack a first-aid kit so it may not be used by the other team. Timing this ability correctly could be incredibly powerful.

Thermoptic Camo

Sombra not only turns invisible for a short time, but her speed is ramped up as well. Attacking, offensive abilities, and taking damage all take her out of cloak.


This one will surely see creative experimentation.

Sombra throws out a beacon and can instantly warp to it, even before it hits the ground. The beacon is only active for a short while however.


Somra’s Ultimate is an AOE that destroys enemy barriers and shields while also disabling all enemy abilities. Could be a huge clutch move in the right hands.

Sombra adds a unique flavor to the meta and with intelligent play could be a must-pick for offense.

Maps and Arcade Mode

Two new maps will be available on the public test realm servers soon.



Eco Point.


Arcade Mode will feature several new modes, rulesets, and maps. Expect to see 1v1, 3v3, and more.

Diablo 3 – Necromancer class and original game!

The Rise of the Necromancer pack will release in 2017 and require both Diablo III and Reaper of Souls (PC) or the Ultimate Evil Edition (PS4/XB1) to access the content. This expansion will unlock the Necromancer playable class, an in-game pet, two more character slots and stash tabs (PC only), a portrait frame, pennant, banner, and banner sigil.

His abilities:

Summon Skeletons


Blood Rushneccr

Siphon Blood

Bone Spearnec


To celebrate the 20 years of Diablo, users will be able to play a recreated Diablo 1 inside Diablo 3 (inception). The update will be called The Darkening of Tristram and feature graphical filters to simulate nostalgic retro graphics. The update will be playable next week on test servers.


Hearthstone’s next update is The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. Since three distinct crime families control Gadgetzan, Blizzard will introduce a new batch of cards that are exclusive to three classes, rather than the usual one. Hunter/Warrior/Paladin, Priest/Warlock/Mage, and Rogue/Shaman/Druid make up the new class groups.

Those are the top stories (according to me since I wrote this) from Blizzcon so far.

Did I miss anything? Let us know.

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