Twitch Prime

If you have Amazon Prime, you have Twitch Prime.

Twitch Prime

As soon as Amazon bought Twitch I knew something like this would happen. As an Amazon Prime subscriber, I’ve been waiting to see what kinds of streaming or viewing benefits I might eventually reap from my membership. I was expecting a few extras, maybe discounts on streamable mobile games or something, but I certainly wasn’t expecting Amazon to introduce a brand new premium service.

Welcome to Twitch Prime

Twitch Prime is a premium Twitch membership, bundled with Amazon Prime, that benefits streamers and viewers alike. As a member you get free game loot every month, discounts on new-release physical games sold by Amazon (Prime members already get a 20% discount), and ad-free viewing on Twitch. There are some extra bells and whistles as well: exclusive emotes, a chat badge, and a free channel subscription every month.

This is pretty nifty for streamers as well. When someone registers their free channel sub (usually $5), the streamer gets paid as he or she would from a normal subscription. That would have been an easy oversight when rolling out these perks, so it’s nice to see that Amazon made Prime as streamer-friendly as possible.

If you have Amazon Prime, you have Twitch Prime. All you have to do is link your accounts, which you can do here. Even if you don’t use Twitch very often, don’t forget to check every month for all of the freebies! I got a new hero and card back for Hearthstone a few days ago after signing up, and there’s a neat looking multiplayer game up for grabs as well. Get on it!