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Although the Suicide Squad film grossed a whopping $745.2 million (in spite of terrible reviews), Warner Bros. Montreal is still cancelling the rumored game adaptation. The studio will instead prioritize a new Batman game, this time centered on Bruce Wayne’s son: Damian.

New Batman Game - Suicide Squad Cancelled
1987 – Batman: Birth of the Demon


Sources told Kotaku’s Jason Schreier that Suicide Squad had been in development for over two years, but was halted after “it failed to impress Warner Bros. management during greenlight meetings…” Schreier also mentioned he “…heard it was a co-op game…”.

The cancellation apparently came after a “…long period of turbulence at WB Montreal…”. WB also lost their Studio Head and Executive Producer (Martin Carrier and Reid Schneider respectively). Carrier was replaced with ex-Mankind Divided Exec. Producer, Stéphane Roy.

A Suicide Squad game from WB Montreal was hinted at back in 2013, during the end sequence of Arkham Origins.  Which you can see here.

The game must have been in pretty bad shape to sacrifice two years of development time attached to a financially successful property. Perhaps the studio will be able to salvage a portion of the assets and/or engine for future use. How about Suicide Squad vs Damian Wayne? (Warning: I know nothing of DC Comics in case millions of neckbeard spontaneously burst into flame at that suggestion).

Having the restraint to not cash-in on the franchise brings up a fascinating difference between films and games. There are many examples of terrible movies raking in huge amount of money (Suicide Squad). Games on the other hand, rarely sell well if critically panned. The closest example could be the huge amount of money the Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed franchises have made with their annual output. This obviously means gamers are much smarter than the average film-goer. Also, gamers don’t pay stupid amounts of money for snacks.

If the Suicide Squad game had local co-op, I would have definitely given it a strong look. Now I’ll just have to find an Overcooked mod that lets me play as Harley Quinn.


Hi there. Does a Damian Wayne game make up for the loss of Suicide Squadding? Do you care about either? I didn’t.

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