Video games are known to improve your vision, decision making, cognitive flexibility and hand to eye coordination, so gaming is a useful addition to your routine. These benefits, combined with many others, do show that entering the world of video gaming can be fruitful and very rewarding. You just have to take your time and harness all the great benefits it can offer. But this does bring in the question, how can you get into video gaming?

Using a smartphone

Maybe the best way to get someone into video games is to start with a smartphone. There are plenty of simple mobile games that you can try for free. This will help you showcase the benefits and fun that gaming can bring to that person and it’s a good starting point. Plus, at the moment just about anyone has a smartphone, so the entry point here is either free or with a minimal investment. There are a huge amount of genres to try, you might like some more than others. Pokémon Go is a great example.

Opt for a console

Consoles are great because not only do they encourage cooperative gameplay with many people in front of the TV, but these games can also be played online. There are tons of exclusives for each console. You should try and figure out what type of games you might enjoy and based on that you can choose a specific console. Consoles from Nintendo are targeted more for people that want to have fun as they play while others are generally for more competitive players. Either way, consoles have a huge library of games and genres so you will have plenty of choice.

The best way to start here is with casual games. These won’t require a lot of time investment and most of the time they are relatively easy to play which is great. Many consoles have inexpensive games and you can find old games for cheap at bargain bins. That’s what makes playing these games a whole lot of fun and you should totally think about investing in them. Also, some platforms such as PlayStation and Xbox offer free games each month if you pay a subscription which is quite impressive.


The final step when it comes to getting into gaming is buying a PC. Honestly, a PC can be quite the investment even if you don’t use it for anything other than gaming, but you can showcase the other benefits as well. This will make the purchase a lot easier. You should make sure you get a good PC according to your budget. Gaming Laptops are another option which add the advantage of portability. Then it all comes down to installing Steam and other digital game platforms, once you do so you just have to download the games you want to play and that’s it.

Getting into video games is all about option. The idea is to take your time and enjoy the ride. Some games are more accessible than others, so you should try to start with the most accessible ones!

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