Just in time to match the start of the Free Weekend, Ubisoft has released several new trailers for the upcoming Season 3: Grudge & Glory from For Honor.

The first two trailers highlight gameplay for the two new classes coming to the game.

The Highlander is a Viking Hybrid warrior who can switch between Offensive and Defensive stance.


While the Gladiator is a Knight Assassin character. They’ve been designed to be highly mobile and have the ability to stun their enemy.


In addition to the two new characters, Ubisoft has also released trailers for each map.

The Sentinel trailer highlights the ruined castle and the segments still standing for it. This map features a unique Ballista which players can use to kill others in the game.


On the other side of this, is the Viking Village. Set in a new unique location which is based in the middle of a Viking Village.


If you missed all the details from the upcoming season of For Honor then you can catch up on our last article here. In addition to this, For Honor is currently free to play this weekend so naturally the game is now on sale.