For Honor

Ubisoft has announced that For Honor will be getting a Free Weekend ahead of the release of Season 3.

For Honor Free Weekend

From 10am PT on August 10th to 1pm PT on the 13th, the game will be free to play. The entire game will be open to players so all newcomers will be able to experience everything the game has to offer. As expected, all progress made during the free period will be carried over to the full game if you purchase it.

Preloading begins on August 8th so there’s plenty of time to get the game downloaded for the weekend. This means that none of the playtime is eaten up by having to wait for the game to download.

For Honor will also be on sale during the Free Weekend.

Season 3

The next season in For Honor was announced last week titled, “Grudge & Glory”. It brings two new heroes to the battleground in addition to new maps and a 1v1 competitive duel mode.


The two new heroes are the Gladiator and the Highlander.

Gladiators are a Knight Assassin class which wield a trident and wears very little armor. This class has a larger stamina meter than the others in the game and a reduced cooldown time also making them extremely agile.

Highlanders on the other hand are a Hybrid character which can switch between two battle stances: offensive and defensive. They use a huge claymore which is the longest and heaviest sword in the game. As a result, they have a combination of strength and range which should make them formidable opponents.


The two new maps are the “Sentinel” and “Viking Village”. The Sentinel is set in a ruined castle while the other is literally a Viking Village. Both maps come with unique environmental hazards that players will need to avoid if they want to survive.

1v1 Duels

This is the first competitive game modes in For Honor. Ubisoft has also confirmed that a 4v4 ranked mode will be coming later this year but did not specify when.

In addition to these new additions, there’ll also be new Legendary gear rarity changes. These changes will shorten early-game progression to help new players while the maximum Hero reputation is also being increased to 40.

Season 3 Grudge & Glory will begin on August 15th.