Super Mario Maker

It’s the same Super Mario Maker we know and love, minus a few features.

Super Mario Maker

Earlier today in a 3DS-focused Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that Super Mario Maker is headed to the 3DS. This is the same Super Mario Maker we know and love on the Wii U – all of the same course creation tools will be at your disposal. All except for the mystery mushroom that is, which is a strange omission.

Nintendo revealed that a few features will be missing as well. Not all Wii U courses will be playable on the 3DS. You won’t be able to search for courses using a course ID, either. Wii U courses will be playable, but you’ll load them at random through the 100 Mario Challenge or through a “recommended courses” section. Of course, you can always check out one of the 100 pre-loaded courses that come packed with the game.

Super Mario Maker makes perfect sense on the 3DS for all of the same reasons it makes sense on the Wii U. The two screens, touch capabilities, and stylus are perfect tools for crafting your own masterpiece. Once you make something you’re truly proud of and want to share with friends, you’ll be able to do so via local wifi or Street Pass. You can also swap unfinished courses with friends and tag-team to co-create your ultimate Mario course together.

Look for Super Mario Maker on December 2. In the meantime, enjoy this sneak peak from the Nintendo Direct:

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