After a few delays, South Park : The Fractured but Whole is guaranteed to hit its release date of October 17th. Ubisoft announced the sequel has gone gold for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

In typical South Park fashion, the trailer to celebrate the announcement walks the line of hilarious and offensive. It’s typical South Park territory after-all, and people have had 20 years to decide whether they’re fans or not.

The trailer features a plucky gay fish. South Park fans will remember an episode centering around Kanye West’s inability to get a joke about why liking fishsticks made him gay…(sound it out if you don’t get it).

Peeling back the Kanye West onion, Parker/Stone skewer the famous rapper’s idea to make a game about his mother riding a white horse to heaven (that was a real idea he had).

It was going to be called Only One, and had a video released detailing his dead mother’s journey upstairs on what I can only assume is the TriStar Pictures Intro horse.

The Fractured but Whole video shows the sad gay fish crying in a cave until Sea-Man (which West fish pronounces semen). Semen – I mean Sea-Man – Westfish, and a child with great power travel to Valhalla to help West’s mom get to heaven.

An odd cut to a flappy-bird styled gameplay section appears as the fish talks about putting the whole experience on a gold disc to send to space so aliens can see it. Will these characters and that gameplay section appear in the final game or was it all concocted for a gag. I wouldn’t be surprised either way.

South Park: The Stick of Truth was the best Mario RPG I’ve played in years, stocked with unforgettable, shocking, but most of all hilarious moments, that I can’t wait to see what Parker and Stone have come up with to top it.


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