Dead by Daylight

Since Dead by Daylight’s previous DLC release players have been speculating who the next killer in the game could be. A user onReddit has predicted that the next killer in Dead by Daylight is “The Sandman”. Whatever that means.

This is pure speculation at this point as there’s been no confirmation from the developers. However, current theories suggest that it could point to the inclusion of Freddy Krueger, the infamous dream killer from Nightmare on Elm Street. It could also suggest there’s a killer coming based on Freddy, just like how the Hillybilly is based on Leatherface.

The Reddit poster in question claims to have found files in the game which point towards the name of the next killer.

“Latest DLC:

700280 – Cannibal LeatherFace Done (counts as chapter 6)


700281 – One Female Survivor Kate D. (counts as chapter 6)

700282 – Whole Chapter featuring The Sandman as killer + new survivor. (counts as chapter 7)”

It’s currently unknown if these files are still correct and recent. One user states that steamdb reports the unknown DLC was updated one month ago. While they seem to be fairly recent, there’s nothing actually confirming these files are for the next killer in the game. It’s possible that this killer has been pushed back or taken back to the drawing board.

While the name “The Sandman” is quite cryptic, it could point to Freddy joining the ranks of killers as the developers know player data from the game. However, they surely wouldn’t include the official name in the data before they were ready. They wouldn’t want someone to leak the next killer after all.

It’s also possible that “The Sandman” will be an entirely new killer based on Freddy and other dream/sleep based killers from pop culture. This is all just speculation and it’s possible that the developers of Dead by Daylight are misleading us all, we just don’t know right now.

We’ll provide you with an update as soon developer Behaviour Interactive make an announcement.