A new DLC chapter for Dead by Daylight has just been released. This new chapter is called the “Spark of Madness” and introduces a new killer, survivor and map to the game.

The DLC is priced at $7 but is currently available at a discounted price. It was released last week on May 11th and the developers have also confirmed that a console version of the game is coming. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be receiving Dead by Daylight sometime next month however a full release date has not been provided yet.

The Killer

The new killer is called “the Doctor” who previously worked at a secret government black site. At the black site he used twisted experiments to interrogate prisoners. Unlike the other killers in the game, this one is supposedly based on a real life serial killer. The design of the character is also a reference to the 1971 movie A Clockwork Orange where the main characters eyes are forced to remain open.

The Doctor is able to perform an Electroshock Therapy attack on players which affects their sanity. It can cause hallucinations of The Doctor which he can use to guide him towards where the survivors are.

The Survivor

Feng Min is the new survivor in this expansion. She’s a former e-sports player who comes with three new perks:

Technician: This allows her to repair generators much quieter
Alert: When the killer performs an action to break a pallet, their aura and position is revealed for several seconds
Lithe: After performing a vault, Feng Min will break into a short sprint

The Map

Players will also be able to play on the new map. Lery’s Memorial Institute is a completely indoors map which is a first for the game. However, like the other maps, it’s also procedurally generated.