SuMo Demo Greninja

Get your Ash-Greninja ASAP!

SuMo Demo Greninja

Exactly one month before the release of the full game, Nintendo has made a free demo available for Pokémon Sun and Moon. We learned about this demo, along with the starter Pokémon’s evolutions, in an announcement video a couple of weeks ago.

This demo is purely a preview and does not start the main storyline or give away any spoilers for the full game. It is a way for players to have a glimpse of the new tropical region and get a feel for the mechanics presented in Sun and Moon. Players are able to explore some of the Alola region, catch never-before-seen Gen 7 Pokémon, interact with characters we’ve only seen in previews, and even obtain a special Greninja.

This demo-exclusive Greninja comes with an ability called Battle Bond. The ability allows Greninja to evolve into a special form, Ash-Greninja, after causing an enemy Pokémon to faint in battle. It will return to a normal Greninja after the battle ends.

So what’s so special about Ash-Greninja? I’ll let a very energetic fan tell you about this guy’s stats in the video below.

Don’t worry, Ash Greninja isn’t difficult to find; he is literally handed to you. After Ash-Greninja is on your team, you explore the area a bit while battling and catching several different Pokémon. At the end of the demo’s story, you battle a mysterious Team Skull Admin, who is fairly easy to take down. In fact, the entire demo is not difficult at all. It definitely is beginner-friendly but also exciting for long-time fans.

What part of the demo do you love the most? The region? The Gen 7 Pokémon? Ash-Greninja? Team Skull? There is so much to get your fangirl blood pumping.

Download the Pokémon Sun and Moon demo from the Nintendo eShop now! The full game hits shelves November 18th.

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