Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp‘s holiday event has ended, and its New Year’s event has begun! The app game has added some limited-time items you can craft and clothing you can unlock, plus a new resource to go along with them.

The new name of the game is “countdown charms.” Countdown charms are new and exclusive to the New Year’s update in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. They are this event’s equivalent to candy canes from the holiday event, so you will need to collect them to craft the New Year’s themed items. You can earn countdown charms by doing villager requests and completing some timed and stretch goals in the game. They will also appear in Shovelstrike Quarry occasionally, so keep an eye on your map!

Countdown charms can be used to craft furniture items exclusive to the New Year’s event. The New Year’s furniture includes the kadomatsu screen, fancy kadomatsu, flowery kotatsu, zodiac dog, basket of tangerines, fancy osechi, fancy mochi pestle, OK Motors kite, fancy kagamimochi, and Isabelle kite. The items use anywhere from 10 to 250 countdown charms, so get to collecting!

There are three pieces of New Year’s clothing available during this event, including the blue haori, kimono, and kimono sandals. Unlock them by completing villager requests. In case you’re wondering, that promised clothes crafting feature was not included in this update, but we’re hoping it will be added sometime in January.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp‘s New Year’s event is live now and runs until January 11th, so you have some time both before and after your New Year’s Eve plans to collect countdown charms and craft as much of the new furniture as possible.

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