Red Barrels Studio is bringing the Outlast series to Nintendo Switch, the developer announced recently. Outlast and Outlast 2‘s Switch ports, as well as information on future franchise content, were discussed in a Facebook post from Red Barrels.

Outlast titles are intense survival horror video games previously released for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac. The most recent installment puts players in an Arizona desert village inhabited by a religious cult that believes the end of days are upon them. The Switch ports will hit the hybrid system in Q1 2018, but Red Barrels have no solid dates or price details just yet.

As for the future of the franchise, the developer confirmed there will be no DLC coming to Outlast 2, which was apparently “not made with DLC in mind,” unlike the first installment in the series. The post said, “Outlast 2 was created to make you feel like a rat in a maze, without any knowledge of what’s outside the maze.”

What about Outlast 3? Probably “at some point,” according to developers, but definitely not any time soon. They promised “answers will be given,” but did not share any more details on a direct sequel. Fans of the series can still look forward to an incipient title in the same world, however.

“It won’t be a sequel to Outlast or Outlast 2,” Red Barrels noted, “but it will be a distinct experience set in the Outlast universe. We can’t say more right now, we first need to make sure we can make it work… We strive to be risk-takers and this one is a pretty big challenge. If all goes well, we’ll soon be able to reveal more.”

Red Barrels also thanked fans for supporting the games and their studio, which they mentioned became successful “with a lot of blood, sweat and beers.”


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