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What you can expect from games shown in the Switch’s reveal video.

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Nintendo dropped their new console on us the other day with a teaser trailer, and we haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. What unknown functions does the Nintendo Switch have? Exactly when will it release? How much will it cost? What games will be available for it?

We recently speculated some of the Switch’s features, but let’s talk about the other big question: games. The teaser trailer showed six different games being played on the Switch: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, SkyrimMario Kart, an NBA game, an unknown Super Mario, and Splatoon. People have been chatting about whether some of these games are going to be brand new sequels made for the Switch or simply updated ports of existing titles. Let’s take a look at each of them and see what we know.

Breath of the Wild

The new Zelda installment is one of the easiest to nail down. Breath of the Wild was announced for the Wii U months a year ago and was the first title to be confirmed as a launch title for the Switch. This game doesn’t even release for the Wii U until December, so the Switch definitely won’t be getting its own Zelda title any time soon. BotW will likely be ported for the Switch and released with minor changes.

There are questions about gyroscope functionality in the Switch controllers, as we have not seen or heard confirmation of this function yet. If the new console does not have motion-sensitive controllers, some game features for BotW might be different on the Switch. However, it would be silly of Nintendo to remove a feature that has been so highly utilized in their last two home consoles. So BotW probably will not vary too much between the Wii U and the Switch.


skyrimnotswitchSkyrim is coming to a Nintendo console. It seems crazy, but it’s happening. Well, maybe. The trailer showed us definite Skyrim gameplay, including a couple seconds of shooting down a mighty dragon. If it is released, this one will almost definitely be a port of the new remastered version. It’s called The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim [Special Edition], which is releasing for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 28th.

Strangely, Bethesda will not confirm that Skyrim will be playable on the Switch. They have only said they are happy to have collaborated with Nintendo on the Switch reveal video and will announce “specific games and details in the future.” We’re keeping our fingers crossed extra hard in the hopes for Skyrim coming to the Switch. We want to fight dragons and enchant our armor on that beautiful tablet!

Mario Kart

We saw a few seconds of Mario Kart multiplayer gameplay in the Switch’s reveal video. But was it Mario Kart 8 or a brand new game? There were a couple fun new features that caught our attention.

mario kart switchFirst of all, King Boo was shown as a playable character on the Switch. His Ghostliness is not available on Wii U MK8, so that makes us wonder what other new characters we’ll get to race as on the Switch. Maybe Dry Bones or Diddy Kong or Birdo?

We also saw that both Mario and King Boo had two item slots on their screen. You can only hold one item at a time in every other Mario Kart game, so this is a big update!

But the question remains: is it an enhanced port or a new game? Most are speculating that it is purely a port with a couple new features, and we would tend to agree. However, MK8 did release over two years ago, and there were two and a half years between 7 and 8. So it is about time for a new standalone Mario Kart title… We’ll wait to see what Nintendo has to say on the matter.

NBA 2K17

The Switch’s trailer showed four people engaged in local multiplayer on an NBA game, likely 2K17. This title was released last month by publisher 2K Sports. Like Bethesda, 2K Sports refuses to confirm 2K17 being released for the Switch, not wanting to get into specifics just yet. Speculation leans towards a port. Bringing a third-party sports game to a Nintendo console is huge, regardless if it is 2K17 or a new unknown title.

Super Mario

screenshot-7-1200x675The Super Mario game shown in the Switch’s teaser trailer was, without a doubt, a brand new game. We saw beautiful footage of Mario traversing a lofty stone city, as well as a colorful Old West town. It is a 3D platformer like Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 3D World as opposed to the classic side scroller Super Mario Bros. games. That’s about as deep as the details go, however. We don’t know a name or any other information besides what was shown in the Switch reveal video. But we’re still stoked for it. Hopefully this will be a launch title, along with Breath of the Wild.


Last but not least, Nintendo gave us a look at Splatoon in an exciting e-sports setting. Splatoon‘s local multiplayer on the Wii U is limited to 1-vs-1, so fans are hopeful the Switch will offer a better multiplayer experience. Features noticed in the teaser trailer included new hairstyles and pants, which indicates more detailed customization for the Inklings. A new map briefly appeared in the video as well.

Nintendo insider Emily Rogers shared that Splatoon will be a port, noting that it originally released only last year.

Emily Rogers is also certain that an enhanced port for Super Smash Bros. will be available on the Switch. It’s hard to imagine a Nintendo console without a Smash game, so we think she’s right on this one. Hopefully we’ll see some new playable characters and stages.

Rumors will continue to fly about new games and features for the Nintendo Switch, and we’ll continue to report on both likely speculation and official confirmations. What info do you think we’re likely to see on the Switch soon?


  1. You could definitely hold two items in mario kart wii, so this won’t be the first time we can hold two. I don’t remember if it was only one item before that, though; been years since i played older ones.

    Also pretty darn sure BotW is not coming out on the Wii U before the Switch. Theyre going to be released simultaneously.

    1. Did you see the screenshot of the new Mario Kart footage? It shows two item slots for each character, which has never been available. You could technically hold two items if you got, say, the 3 bananas or the 3 shells, which attach to your character and you use them one by one. While holding those on the outside of your character, you could get another item and see it in the corner of your screen. But this new feature looks like you can hold any two items at any time. Not just when you get the three bananas/ shells.

      Hmm Amazon still has BotW listed to come out Dec 30th, but Nintendo’s site just says 2017, so you might be right!

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