This picture paints an exciting future of a Nintendo console with the third-party support that helped make the SNES and Gamecube killer consoles with killer games.


Seeing Square Enix here conjures up nostalgia for a time when Final Fantasy VI was only available for the SNES. Seeing Bethesda offers to rectify the problem of never playing an Elder Scrolls or Fallout on a Nintendo machine.

But this picture is only half the story.

The Nintendo Wii’s massive install base attracted droves of third-party games but that system’s lack of power meant we saw uninspired ports and gimmicky budget games.

My biggest concern is that the Nintendo Switch will be just as underpowered as the Wii, and by making it completely portable I wonder how that can’t be true? We’ve seen a massive jump in video card power and efficiency but how can Nintendo’s little miracle possibly keep up with dedicated home consoles?

Worst Case Scenario

If the Nintendo Switch ends up much less powerful than the PC/XB1/PS4 standards we could end up with third-rate offerings from their third-party publishers: think Deus Ex: The Fall (ios) instead of the latest Deus Ex console title.

Nintendo teased Skyrim in their first Switch promo video but as of this writing Bethesda has yet to confirm it as a Nintendo title. Even so, are remasters from 2011 the best we can expect? Forget about Red Dead 3 and lower your sights to Red Dead Redemption: Reloaded.

Best Case Scenario

This is a lofty theory, but that’s what speculative articles are all about.

Our console landscape will more closely resemble PC very soon with Scorpio and Ps4 Pro forcing multiple formats and/or resolutions for console games.

Imagine if the Nintendo Switch could simply function as an older PC. Still able to play the newest games but at a lower resolution and blander graphical settings? I’d be very happy to play Red Dead 3 at 720p if it ran smoothly. And it would give Digital Foundy even more content to compare.




Whatever happens with third-party, at least we’ll have a shiny new Nintendo machine to play a brand new 3D Mario on the go! Anything else is pure gravy.

Here’s a breakdown and discussion video we did on the Switch on our YouTube channel.

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