A special New Year sale has hit the Nintendo Switch eShop, which is offering up several of 2017’s best games from independent developers. Nine titles total are included in the sale, with price cuts up to 35% off. What’s more, you have the chance to win all nine indie games in a giveaway, but you have to enter fast. The indie game sale on the Switch eShop is live now and runs until January 15th.

“Whether you enjoy meditative puzzles, multiplayer puzzles, multiplayer battles, deep space battles, overpowered weaponry, one-armed warriors, space beetles, giant landwhales, or vulgar clowns, you’ll save up to 35% on each game,” writes Nintendo. “The sale lasts this week only, so don’t miss the party!”

All the games included in the sale are listed below:

If you’re excited about at least one of those discounted games, you’d be wise to enter the giveaway Nintendo is hosting on January 11th. You will have the chance to win all nine games free of charge. Sign up on this website before January 11th to be entered to win some awesome indie titles. The games will be given via digital codes, which is common for indie titles that don’t actually see physical releases.

In addition to the sale and giveaway, Nintendo is offering players the chance to engage with all of the developers behind the lineup of discounted games in a Reddit AMA, scheduled for today at 11:00 a.m. PT / 2:00 p.m. ET on the Nintendo Switch subreddit.

Again, this Switch eShop sale runs only until January 15th, and the giveaways ends on January 11th, so act fast if you want some rad new indie games on your Switch!

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