Ah! That smell is the metaphorical aroma that late adopters love. It is now the best time to buy a (standard) PS4 and enjoy affordable current-gen gaming.

When a console first launches, it’s priced the highest yet has the weakest and most expensive library of games. Sure Resogun was great fun and Killzone Shadow Fall looked pretty (and still does), but there was arguably no must-buy game that demanded the purchase of a 2013 PS4.

Almost three years in and the landscape has changed drastically.

With the impending release of the PS4 Slim and Pro models, the price of the standard PS4 has dropped significantly, with refurbished models selling for $269.99. If you don’t have a 4K/UHD television, the upgraded models don’t offer much else other than a 1TB drive in the PRO. Fortunately, the standard PS4’s HD is dead simple to upgrade on your own.

But the cheaper hardware is less significant than the ever expanding library of great games for great prices. If you’re not in a rush to play the latest and simply start chronologically you’ll have plenty of critically acclaimed games to choose from at reduced prices.

Prices from Canada’s EbGames.ca Sept 11, 2016 for reference only

Killzone Shadowfall $8 – I bought it awhile back for $13 and it’s a solid action romp with some light stealth. Watch here.

Star WarsBattlefront is $22 – Sure it’s too shallow for full price, but I’m betting there’s at least $22 of fun to be had.

Rainbow Six Siege is $30 – A killer multiplayer shooter that punishes run and gun with thoughtful strategy and ever changing environments. If you’re bored of COD, try this.

DOOM $50 – The grandaddy of shooters came back huge in 2016 with fast-paced murderous mayhem. It’s been out for just under four months and you can already grab it on the cheap. Watch Matt review it here

Metal Gear Solid V $40 – One of the best action games of last year. Kojima’s messy falling out with Konami seems to have contributed to a clunky second half, but this is a must-play for fans of stealth, action, and the Kojima way.

Mad Max $40 – This one came out the same day and was a wee bit overshadowed. Still, many people champion it as underrated and well worth $40

Bloodborne $30 – This game will haunt your dreams. A modern classic

There are plenty of others like Batman: Arkham Knight, Dying Light, The Witcher, and Fallout 4 that can be found on the cheap and are great AAA titles. I haven’t even gotten into the massive amount of awesome indie games that won’t break the bank either.

Late adopters rejoice, now is the time to jump in and it’s getting better every day.



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