Monster Hunter Direct

Don’t expect to see Monster Hunter Switch… Yet.

Monster Hunter

Alright Monster Hunter fans, I’ve got some good news and I’ve got some bad news. We’ll go with the good news first. Nintendo has announced through its Japanese Twitter account that it will be hosting a special Direct this Thursday. It will air around 7 AM EST, which will be 8PM in Japan. The Direct could be lined up for any number of reasons, and I bet you’re thinking of one in particular right now. Let me go ahead and burst that bubble with the bad news.

Nintendo specifically mentioned that it will not be divulging any new information about the Nintendo Switch. The language was not ambiguous or fishy – they mean it. So don’t be expecting to hear anything new about the Switch, or anything new about the launch lineup, or any of that stuff. This is a Direct exclusively dedicated to Monster Hunter.

Monster Hunter Direct

This could still be really interesting, though, especially considering every Monster Hunter game that we know of is already out in Japan. If Nintendo wanted to announce some DLC for Monster Hunter Generations or Monster Hunter Stories (Japan only), we figure they could probably do that through a press release or a a trailer like they normally do. The fact that we’re getting an entire Monster Hunter direct leads me to believe that something special could be in the works.

Now if I had things my way, I’d wake up to news of a new HD Monster Hunter game in the works in development for the Switch. I know they said they won’t be talking about the Switch, but that doesn’t mean that can’t talk about a game for the Switch, right?! A boy can dream.