I’m sure you’d agree it’s refreshing to throw down a few beverages whilst playing our favourite video games. A complimentary drink can make the experience just that little bit sweeter…Face Palm on emojidex 1.0.14 Unfortunately though, there is the chance we knock the damn thing over. Luckily a company named Mighty Mug have come up with a solution.


Developed by a team of industrial designers and mechanical engineers, The Mighty Mug is the world’s only unspillable mug. It can be placed on any flat surface and if bumped it will not fall over, no matter how hard you try. Better yet, you can lift it straight off like any other cup thanks to the “smart grip technology”. It also features: a double wall to keep your drinks hot or cold just that little bit longer, a flip top lid to prevent leaks and a flex straw for convenience.

The mug comes in three different styles: The Mighty Mug Ice Blue, Mighty Mug Travel Thermos Mug and the Mighty Mug Go. You can check it out on Amazon for all the other important details.

After purchasing the mug you can thank yourself that you now won’t have to replace any spill damaged hardware.

For proof check this video out.



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