Capcom celebrated Mega Man‘s 30th anniversary with a livestream this week. Though the livestream had a lot of fun content for fans, the biggest reveal was a brand new game, Mega Man 11 — the first proper installment in the series since 2010’s retro-style Mega Man 10.

There aren’t a lot of details on the new game yet, but we do know the game is scheduled to release sometime in late 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Mega Man 11 will still be a side-scrolling platformer like other iterations in the series but with a new “hand drawn” 2.5D art style instead of the traditional, retro 8-bit graphics of previous titles.

You can see some gameplay in the above video, which showcases platforming, blasting, and boss-fighting through the new art style. Another notable difference is that Mega Man’s whole appearance — not just his color — changes when acquiring a new weapon.

Capcom has been teasing this new game for a while it seems. Kotaku reported that the publisher actually hid concept art for Mega Man 11 in the gallery for Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, which released this summer. Sneaky developers.

Along with Mega Man 11, Capcom also announced that the Mega Man Legacy Collection and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, which previously released on PS4 and Xbox One, will be making their way to the Switch sometime next year with some form of amiibo support.

Additionally, the company announced that all eight games in the spinoff Mega Man X collection will be making their way to the PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC as well. No word on whether those will launch individually or as a bundle.

As for Mega Man 11, it might be a while before we have any more details. Capcom said they will share more information next summer.

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