Vive users can finally have wireless freedom in 2017, but it comes at a steep price.

HTC has announced their upcoming tetherless VR upgrade kit, available in Q1 2017 for $220. I understand VR tech is pricey, but that’s one hell of a dongle.

I was very impressed with my Vive experiences. The image quality was sharp, the controllers felt natural, and I found a few games that I would love to continue playing.



The biggest downside however, is the trail of wires coming out the back of the set. The Vive has excellent tracking that allows for full body movement in your VR space, unfortunately this contradicts sharply with the awkward leash of cables. The last thing you want to do is step on your ‘tail’ and damage the $800 set or your even pricier PC required to run the damn thing.


This dongle could be the perfect solution if you have the spare change. Vive is already the priciest option on the market, so HTC must be assuming their customer base can handle the expensive upgrade.

Here’s a fellow using it. (Video from UploadVR)

UploadVR interviewed Alvin Graylin, the China Regional President of Vive at HTC, and were told the upgrade would have no “noticeable difference” in terms of latency and performance.

Graylin also told them it would launch with a battery providing 1.5 hours of juice, with a bigger battery available later that will sit in your pocket (I don’t want to know where naked VR porn users put that extra battery).

You can pre-order the unit here. There are limited quantities (isn’t everything limited?) but existing Vive owners will receive priority.

HTC has also been reaching beyond the home user to target pay-per-use venues (arcade comeback!) and predicts the wireless tech will be attractive to venue owners afraid of customers tripping on wires.

Personally, I’m interested enough in VR to be very excited for the next generation of VR. I want no wires, more power, and a lower price.

Is wireless enough to get you into a VIVE?



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